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Reg in Transit ∞

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Reg has finally graduated from college and has a BA in creative writing. She is trying to use this to the best of her ability and not currently getting paid for it. That doesn't matter too much at the moment, though. Her Stage Managerly bits crave organization and logic everywhere while her Designerly and Writerly bits thrive on chaos and playing with language. She loves math jokes and word games and just chatting with people. She hates talking in third person. Reg wants nothing at all more than to be able to be awesome for a living. Somehow, she doesn't think this is going to be a viable solution. If Reg had a super power it would be creating working electrical outlets wherever she needed them. If she had a secondary super power, it would involve being able to tap into any wireless signal without the WEP/WPA/Whatever code.
Reg's favorite color is lime green. Her favorite number is 13. Her favorite dinosaur is the Stegosaurus.
Wandering off without you since ever ago ↯

You are at Reg in Transit. This is totally a spin off of the continuing adventures of Reg after she moved away from Frost(ovision). You should totes check that comic out too, by the way. It's lovely. Reg in Transit is a journal comic written and drawn by Reg (comma, the) and attempts to be updated daily, but probably isn't. She wont try to wander off without you, but she probably will. Sorry about that in advance. She also doesn't have a consistent style for any of this yet so being in colour helps identify who the hell people are. This comic is crossposted at her tumblr, like a boss. A spammy boss who sends you cat gifs instead of getting any work done.

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